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According to Islamic Medicine, there are two kinds of epilepsy; the first type arises from a physical imbalance of hormones and impulses inside the body and brain. This type is commonly acknowledged by practitioners of modern western medicine and is treated with drugs and therapy. The second type is just as real and of just as much concern. It is the symptom which arises from the effects of negative spiritual forces (the Jinn) which have invaded the human body and are residing in it. This type cannot be treated with drugs or therapy. The negative forces can only be expelled from the human body by using Ruqya (recitation of certain verses of the Qur’an) administered by a righteous soul (an experienced Raqi).

It is important to acknowledge that both types of epilepsy exist, then to identify which type a patient is suffering from and then to administer the specific cure for that type.

Epilepsy resulting from Possession.

The Jinn are a very real creation of God, outlined by Him the Holy Qur’an and acknowledged by His Prophets, Holy people and wise physicians. They have been created from smokeless fire and cannot be seen by the human eye because they are the descendants of iblees (satan). Allah allows them to take the form of another living object (usually a snake, dog, donkey, human being or a scorpion) or appear as apparitions, speak to humans and invade the human body and possess it. They are confused by non Muslims for ‘ghosts’ if they appear to be seen by them or whisper to them. In reality, ‘ghostly apparitions’ which are the souls of deceased people do not exist as Allah has forbidden those who have left this World to return to it for any reason.

Some Jinn are good and decent, while others are innately evil. Possession is always caused by evil Jinn [shayateen] who are usually drawn to children, women who dress immodestly and vulnerable, depressed people. Having said that, healthy people can also be possessed by them, most times as a result of sorcery, but sometimes for no apparent reason. Epileptic fits and seizures can commonly be some of the many symptoms of such possession.

Where drugs are not having any effect upon an epileptic patient, it may be useful to consider that they may have been possessed by a Jinni who is causing the fits. But, please don’t panic and jump to this conclusion immediately just because the drugs are not working. Human possession by Jinn has marked and very particular indicators. The patient should be taken to see an experienced Imam or Raqi before any firm conclusion is drawn.

Of the clearer indications of possession, whilst in the state of an epileptic fit or in the resting state, a sufferer may inadvertently rip their clothes off, have an odd or piercing stare, use very foul language, mumble incoherently, suffer from re-occurring nightmares, feel extreme fear at the slightest thing, speak in an odd or harsh voice, commit self-harm or attack the most beloved of their relatives, have an extreme dislike for the recitation of the Qur’an, feel pain and scream or try and get away upon hearing the Azhaan etc. If this is happening, it is important to see a Raqi as soon as possible.

Cure is only from Allah, along with prevention, is two-fold. The responsibility for one part, by the Permission of Allah, is the responsibility of the Raqi, and that for the other part is attributed to the patient themselves. Both parts need to be exercised to ensure full healing from Allah Azzawajjal takes place and the illness does not return.

For the part attributed to the Healer, where the beloved Messenger of Allah (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) was present in such cases, he used to say to the possessed person while addressing the Jinni within him/her,
“Oh enemy of Allah, Depart! I am the Messenger of Allah!”

An Imam once said that he recited the following Ayah in the ear of the person afflicted with epilepsy;

Did you think that We created you in play, [without any purpose] and that you would not be brought back to Us?” (Qur’an 23:115)

The she-Jinni possessing him replied, “Indeed!” while extending her voice and mocking the Qur’an.
So the Imam took a stick and beat the epileptic person on his neck until the Imam’s hands got tired. Those present did not doubt that the sick person would die from the severity of such a beating.
While beating the patient, the she-Jinni screamed, “I love him!”
The Imam told her, “But he does not love you.”
She said, “I want to accompany him to perform Hajj!”
The Imam said, “He does not want to go to Hajj with you.”
She then said, “I will leave him in your honour.”
The Imam said, “No. Leave him as an obedience to Allah and His Messenger (pbuh).”
She then said, “I will leave him alone.”

The patient woke up and started looking around, saying, “What brought me to the presence of this Imam?”
The people around him asked, “What about the beating you took just now?”
He said, “Why would the Imam beat me when I have done nothing wrong?”
He had no idea that he had been beaten and that the Jinni had been removed from him!

Beatings are not nowadays administered, instead the Raqi only has to slap his hand very gently on the patient, Allah Azzawajjal causes the Jinni to feel extreme pain. Check this link to see the exorcism technique of Abu Tharr.

For the patient, it is vitally important to strengthen their Faith in Allah and their morals. This includes, performing the five daily prayers without fail, giving in charity, fasting, increasing their knowledge of Islam and practicing upon the Sunnah of our beloved Messenger (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), keeping away from bad activities, sins, haram or doubtful food and income, and the company of immoral people. The result; a soul becomes naturally closer to its Lord, has his/her supplications answered without delay and is distanced from the effects of evil beings and evil activities.

Seeking refuge in Allah from the evil creation (Both of the Jinn, mankind and of the devils) is also essential. Our beloved Messenger (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) has instructed us to read the following Surahs of the Qur’an in Arabic three times each, every morning and evening for protection;

Surah Al Ikhlaas (112) The Purity

Say: He is Allah, the One
Allah-hus Samad (The Self-Sufficient Master, whom all creatures need, He neither eats nor drinks)
He begets not, nor was He begotten
And there is no co-equal or anyone comparable unto Him

Surah Al Falaq (113) The Daybreak

Say: I seek refuge with Allah, the Lord of the daybreak
From the evil of what He has created
And from the evil of the darkening night as it comes with its darkness
And from the evil of witchcraft then they blow in the knots (a form of spell-casting)
And from the evil of the envier when he envies (malicious jealousy, hasad/evil eye).

Surah An Naas (114) Mankind

Say: I seek refuge with Allah, the Lord of Mankind
The King of Mankind
The Ilah (God) of Mankind
From the evil of the whisperer (devil who whispers evil in the hearts of men) who withdraws (from such whispering after one conducts the remembrance of Allah).
Who whispers in the breasts (chests) of Mankind
Of Jinn and Men

For reference, please see screenshot below from Sahih Al Bukhari;

The supplication of the Messenger of Allah seeking Allahs' protection for his grandsons.

Please see screenshot below from Jami' At Tirmithi. Classed as Sahih;

Epilepsy resulting from physical causes.

This type of epilepsy alters the constitution of the body and is accompanied by spasms that prevent the limbs functioning normally. The sufferer is not able to stand upright for very long; they will fall down and foam accumulates in and around the mouth.

This type of epilepsy causes intense pain during seizures and is a chronic illness which is hard to cure. It can remain for many years, especially in those over the age of 25.

During the state of a fit or seizure, the sufferer is not in control of what is happening; for this reason they are free of sin and will not be accountable for whatever they commit in this state (they are still accountable for whatever they commit in the resting state). If they endure with patience and undying faith in Allah, their guaranteed home is in Paradise.

It was narrated by 'Ata bin Abi Rabah (radhi Allahu anhu) that, "Ibn 'Abbas (radhi Allahu anhu) said to me, "Shall I show you a woman of the people of Paradise?" I said, "Yes." He said, "This black lady came to the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) and said, 'I get attacks of epilepsy and my body becomes uncovered; please invoke Allah for me.' The Prophet said (to her), 'If you wish, be patient and you will have (enter) Paradise; and if you wish, I will invoke Allah to cure you.' She said, 'I will remain patient,' and added, 'but I become uncovered, so please invoke Allah for me that I may not become uncovered.' So he invoked Allah for her."
Sahih Al Bukhari Volume 7, Book 70, Number 555 

During a seizure, the effected cerebral cavity in the brain is fighting the effects of an ailment. The limb or organ that the cavity controls will be affected until the seizure is over.

The 14 ways in which epilepsy effects the body - http://www.healthline.com/health/epilepsy/effects-on-body

Modern western medicine has made huge advances in the development of drugs which can reduce the effect and frequency of epileptic fits to a degree, but the cure rests with Allah alone. Invoking Him with prayers is an important aspect of healing from this debilitating illness. It calms the soul and gives hope to the heart. The state of the human psyche has an impact upon the effectiveness of the cure. Reciting the Surahs mentioned before in this Blog are just as useful here, as is reciting Surah Al Fatihah (1) an odd number of times and blowing onto the hands which should be wiped all over the head and body of the patient.

It is vitally important that everyone learns about the very real harm and demonic nature of witchcraft - read more at this link - http://salaf-us-saalih.com/2011/03/12/some-of-the-signs-of-magicians-sorcerers-and-how-to-identify-them/

In sha’Allah, with God’s leave, He will help all those suffering from epilepsy.


  1. i have heard burning frankincense resin, as well as using frankincense oil is very effect, in particular the boswellia sacra variety, this website has a vast resource of information www.puresacra.com

  2. Perfume repels the shayateen, yes, but they will return to the house/person if they are compelled to do so [because for example, sorcery has been placed there]. The only complete and long lasting cure is through patience, prayer, recitation of the Qur'an and following the established Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).

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  4. I'm a woman from Mexico therefore my epilepsy treatment has been guided by traditionall western medicine however I'm interested in getting alternative treatments. I've found this site and the fact that you offer a cure for my conditiion really excites me. Is there any contact that you can provide me in Mexico to begin my treatment based on The Holly Prophet's Medicine? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi and thanks for getting in touch, in Islam we believe that God is the Healer and that He has sent down a cure for every disease, even for what is considered by Western Medicine as incurable. There are some herbs/medicines and therapies based on Prophetic Medicine which I hope will be effective for epilepsy with God's Permission. Please could you use the 'Click to Contact' link in the left sidebar (half way down) to send me a quick message? That way I have your email address and can advise you privately. Thank you in advance.

    2. Hi my son is 8 yrs n is suffering from tuberous sclerosis
      Gets seizures since birth
      We hav tried all medications therrapies alternate treatment but no relief. Pls show me treatment through sunnah if possible.my email is shiba.ansari12@Gmail.com

  5. can you please share medicine, if any, prescribed by our ever blessed prophet (Peace be upon him).

  6. Assalamu aleykum, Dear sister, we have 2 small boys affected with severe autism and the older one Abdullah began having seizures. We are extremely worried but we don't want to resort to medication because it may cause serious complications. Please give us advice, may Allah reward you.

    1. Wa alaikum asalaam. Please could you contact me directly using the click to contact box in the middle of the left sidebar? InshaaAllah I will respond to your message via email. Thanks and jazakAllahu khair.

  7. Umm I have a question.... So what about those who the doctor diagnosis is of non epileptic fit? Where does that fit in with Islamic medicine? The reason for asking is someone very dear to me suffer from that problem and doctor say it's caused by stress.... In her experience she says when she is tired, or feeling weak (due to another illness she suffers from with her back which left her partially disabled) it brings on her attack, and she doesn't always know when they going to come on and can strike at any moment however they are very painful when she has one. Does this rule apply to her too that Allah will grant her heaven due to this? For she is suffering and the seizures are preventing her from living her life as much as she can with her disability?

    1. Thank you for your comment and may Allah give your dear one a lot of Shifa and relief. Ameen. I have sent a reply to your private message.


    2. A/W my 7 month baby girl had 3 seizures doctor did all the test and find nothing please help me

    3. Please use the 'Contact Us' button in the left column to send a message privately as more details will be required about your daughter's condition. JazakAllahu khair and thanks

  8. i cant find any contact us button i open in android mobile

    1. Ah ok. Sorry about that. Maybe you cannot see the contact button on your phone web browzer. Please can you leave your email address for me to contact you privately? You can leave a space between each section of the address so that you are protected from spam e-mails and google bots. For example like this: abcde _ 4567 at gmail dot com. Thanks

  9. Asslamualekum wrwb!
    In my family she having fall down and foam accumulates in and around the mouth, this problem facing 1 year but right now she facing. very frequently please help me you have any solution.please reply me.

    1. Please contact me via the contact us button. JazakAllahu khair

    2. Please contact me via the contact us button. JazakAllahu khair

  10. Salaam walaikum
    My brother suffering from fever,headache,redness in eyes since 12 days, we hv consulted almost all the best doctors and got the tests done all are negative and the docs are unable to understand the problem ...lastly he was with his friends and what he told me was a girl was staring at him continiously hence he
    ignored her...next day he fell sick with high fever with chills,headache, redness of
    eyes. Nothing got detected in almost all the lab tests. We feel like hes been afected by an evil eye. Could you please let know how to get rid of an evil eye.

    1. The best way to remove evil eye is to ask the girl to make wudhu and she catches the water she used for wudhu in a container. That water is poured over your brother starting from his head, shoulders and back. If the girl's identity is not known or she refuses to give wudhu water, then please ask your brother to take ruqyah bath, details of ruqyah bath can be found at this link - http://prophetic-medicine.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/sunnah-treatments-including-ruqyah.html. Please ask your brother to be prompt with the 5x daily prayers and to offer Allah the morning an evening adhkaar every day inshaaAllah (the Ayat ul Kursi once and the last 3 Quls three times each) and ask Allah for forgiveness a lot. It will bi'idhnillah protect him from further problems.

  11. Isalam Alaikum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatehu. I would like to start of by thanking you for this blog and may Allah reward you.

    I, along with my siblings have been suffering from possession for 10 years. A raqi that treats us through the Quran and Sunnah told me that I have symptoms of sihr(sorcery) and also ayn or hasad (evil eye) (and Allah knows best).
    I would like to know what are the reasons for a delayed cure? Can sihr be cured through ruqiya alone or must I find the object or the place the sihr is placed to be 100% cured? I researched through the sunnah and found out the The Prophet (peace be upon him) himself was not cured when Jibreel did ruqya on him. He (peace be upon him) was cured when he found the sihr when 2 angels said where the place of the sihr was. Also, when Omar Ibn AlKhattab (may Allah be pleased with him) was the Khalifa, a woman was suffering from sorcery (sihr) that was made by her slave. Omar ordered the slave to stop the Sihr (he did not order ruqya for the woman that was suffering). I tried ruqya, reading al baqara, ajwa dates, hijama and bathing in sidr leaves, but my question is is the only 100% cure for sihr is to find the source or the material that the sihr is made of or I will be suffering like this my entire life?
    Also i have another question that I kindly request an answer to. I know suicide is forbidden in Islam and the Prophet (peace be upon him) said whomever commits suicide by a certain way will do so eternally on hellfire. Is this also applicable for a practicing muslim whom never in sha Allah did a major sin his whole life but suffers from sihr and ayn for 10 years. What if he says the Shahada before he commits suicide will he go to jannah ( paradise) or hellfire.

    I appologize for my long questions but please and if would sincerely appreciate a response.

    1. May Allah cure you very quickly. Ameen. Reasons for delayed cure can be many. The main reasons are that the person is either committing major sin (shirk, associating partners with Allah or calling upon people other than Allah, wearing or relying upon amulets and taweez, fornication, or watching haram on the tv/internet, using/taking interest/riba, fraud, slandering or backbiting innocent people, in particular, womenfolk and other such sins), or the other reason is that they are not fulfilling obligatory acts which are mandatory for all Muslims (the big one is the five daily prayers, zakat is also another one). Eliminating these things helps to lower the chances of delayed response. Giving a small amount of sadaqah daily helps greatly, as does seeking forgiveness frequently and striving to make Tahajjud each night, even if it is 3 rakat, lengthening the standing part and the sujood part. Ideally it should be 11 rakat or 13 rakat. Tahajjud is extremely powerful in banishing magic and evil eye and from experience I have found it to be one of the most effective acts of worship for such patients. BUT, the greater priority is the 5 daily mandatory prayers. Reciting the Qur'aan (from the mush'haf, passages from Surah al Baqarah and other surahs) at night also helps to calm the heart. Allah will certainly inspire you and help you, as He has helped many before who suffered with sihr and many who will come after. As long as you are not hasty and become annoyed at why Allah is not helping you. You must remain patient and firm, approach Allah with humbleness and may Allah raise your status in Jannah. Ameen. It is preferable to find the object of sihr, but in some cases it will never be found, for example, if it is lost at sea. That doesn't mean Allah will never cure you. Certainly He will and He has sent down a cure for every type of disease and every type of Sihr. Allah's promise is True, the work of the shayateen is very weak and the magicians will never succeed. The effects of sihr and the jinn possession can be removed from a person even if the object of sihr will never be found. The Qur'aan is the key. There have been many thousands of successful cases like that. Please make du'a my brother/sister (in prostration) in the last third of the night, seeking guidance and help directly from Allah, and also whilst standing for Qunoot in the Witr prayer. Regarding suicide, it is strictly forbidden for all people, male, female, evil and good, muslim or non-muslim. It is not permitted to consider it. Regardless of how severely you believe you are being tested, Allah will give you the strength to beat it and He will make a way out for you. Regarding the Ruqyah of Jibra'eel not working, you must be careful to provide proof of that statement my brother/sister with references to which scholar has commented on that hadeeth and made those allegations. Certainly it is a Divine supplication sent by Allah with Jibra'eel to the Final Messenger (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) and we should rely upon it, have yaqeen and not abandon it. You are welcome to use the Contact Us button to contact me privately so I can suggest with daily adhkaars and supplications in shaa Allah. JazakAllahu khair

    2. brother! i had the same problems. You should 2 times dayly rub the oil with 7 times Manzil dua and ayats agaist sihr..drink the same water 3 times dayly read sura 2,23,37,55,59,72. 3 hours dayly. do it untill the jinn goes out.. about 6 months.. and to listen to baqara too when too hard... read always ayat Kursi mornings and evenings for protection.. before you get up and asleep

  12. Assalamualaikum,
    I have been suffering from epilepsy for around 9 years now (my current age is 24). I get random attacks and they vary between length and severity. Sometimes, more than a year goes by without a seizure, but other times, I can have then continuously for some days. Since the past month, I have been having seizures every week and sometimes two three in a row. I do take medication and the doctors have tried to increase the dose, but to no avail. It almost seems like the medicine has not even a little effect on me. I've come to a point where the seizures are starting to mentally disturb me. I've had to take time off from work because of the epilepsy too. Now, I'm desperate for any solution to my seizures. Please, if you are able to help in any way, do so for the sake of helping one in need. Jazakallah khair.

    1. Wa alaikum asalaam. Please could you use the Contact Us button on the top left of the main blog page to contact me directly? JazakAllahu khair.

  13. Asalam aleykum. How do I help my son. We went to Africa to visit family last year. We came back and any son developed tics like signs of autism. He is six. He developed fine and has had no problems and the doctors tell me to just get on with it.i don't think a child can me normal from birth to 5 and suddenly become autistic. I want to try Hijama but I worry if he is seen it will cause complications. Any advice please.

    1. Wa alaikum asalaam. He is too young for hijama treatment. In the West, hijama cannot be performed on anyone 16 years old or under due to the law. Please give him a bath with ruqyah water a repeated number of times - http://prophetic-medicine.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/the-use-of-sidr-leaves-and-water-for.html

  14. My brother is 34 , and had his first seizure about a week ago and has been in the ICU with continuous seizures , how ever these seizures seem a bit different , the initial time he was standing n fell, now that's he's in icu in a bed the seizures are pretty much him staring up at the corner of ceiling , n pointing his finger up , not too much else he is currently sedated ? Is this possible a possession of jinn??? Any help is much appreciated , Jazak Allah khair

    1. Recite the Qur'aan for him while sitting next to him. If that is not possible, then the Qur'aan can be played on tape/CD for him to listen with headphones, with the intention of it's healing. It should be played as long as possible so that he is listening for most of the day. To know if its jinn possession you will need to get in touch with a reputable Raqi and give him more details about your brothers case.

  15. As salam o alekum
    M 29 years old,i had epilepsy since 10 years. Can it cure from hijama plz reply

    1. Wa alaikum asalaam. Its best to speak to the hijama therapist. They can advise you on which medical treatment will be suitable for you in shaa Allah. JazakAllahu khair


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