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'Ajwa dates and golden raisins from Madeenatul Munawwarrah soaked in cold water.

'Nabeez' [Nabidh] was one of the drinks consumed by the Holy Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). In his time, it was typically made with dates or raisins and water.

It is an alkalizing tonic, having the tendency to remove acidity from the stomach and digestive system and it also helps to remove other metabolic wastes from the body. It improves digestion as it's high in soluble fibre and it strengthens the memory. It assists the spleen function, liver, throat, chest and prostate, and so is particularly good for men. Nabeez will also benefit patients of Arthritis and elevated levels of Uric Acid (gout).

Making Nabeez is just as simple as soaking the dates (or raisins/sultanas) overnight and drinking the water in which they were soaked in the morning insha'Allah, but when it is embraced and honoured as one of the great Sunnahs of Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), it pulls down Shifa, blessings and mercy from the treasures of Allah Azzawajjal.

The idea behind soaking dates or raisins in water is so that they sweeten the water and become softened. Softened dates/raisins release their vitamins and minerals more easily and are easier to digest.

'Ajwa' are the best variety to use if making Nabeez with stoneless dates and 'Manaqqa' is the best variety of raisins for making it with raisins, but black raisins can also be used, those colours were not Created without reason, so it is always preferable to keep changing our diets with new colours and and trying new varieties.

After Isha prayer, soak around 100 grams of dates or raisins in 1 litre of drinkable / healthy water and keep the utensil covered with a plate. Ensure the water is kept cool.

Next morning after Fajr, you can drink the water and eat the soaked fruit as was the traditional method, or just use your blender (water + soaked fruit) to obtain a beautiful  cloudy Nabeez. This is the method I have used for the smoothie recipe below.

And if you soak the fruit in morning, drink it in the evening. Nabeez should be consumed within 12 hours of soaking time, but if it is kept air tight inside the refrigerator, it will not spoil for 2-3 days insha'Allah. Serve cold Nabeez to your guests instead of tea, coffee, juices and sodas, and explain to  them the beauty of the Sunnah of our beloved Mesenger (pbuh) and the superb health benefits.

Nabeez must never be left for more than 2-3 days, otherwise it may start to ferment, which is the start of the alcohol brewing process. This is haram and forbidden to consume.

Never mix raisins and dates together; their Nabeez should be made separately.

Source http://www.tibbenabawi.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=194:nabeez-drink-made-with-soaked-raisins&Itemid=227

Nabeez and Pomegranate smoothie.

Morning breakfast :)

Ingredients (serves 2)

50g dates, or raisins, soaked in 100ml fresh clean water. This time I used sultanas
250ml pomegranate juice.
50g frozen blueberries.
50g frozen strawberries.
50g frozen pomegranate kernels.

Blend all ingredients in a blender until the mixture becomes smooth and enjoy in the morning for breakfast or serve to your family and friends in hot weather.

Sultanas soaking at Ishaa for making the smoothie in the morning

References to Hadith - 

Regarding making it at night and drinking it in the morning -
'Abdullah (radhi Allahu anhu) said that "I heard Sufyan being asked about Nabidh. He said: 'Make Nabidh at night and drink it in the morning.'" 
Classed as Sahih from Sunan an Nas'ai Vol. 6, Book 51, Hadith 5745

Regarding it being disliked to mix dried dates with raisins to make Nabeez - 
Abu Qatada (radhi Allahu Anhu) on the authority of his father reported the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) as having said, "Do not prepare Nabidh by mixing nearly ripe dates and fresh dates together, and do not prepare Nabidh by mixing grapes and dates together, but prepare Nabidh for each (one of them) seperately." 
Sahih Muslim Book 23 Hadith 4904

Regarding the impermissibility of storing Nabeez for more than 3 days so as it does not become intoxicating - Ibn Abbas (radhi Allahu anhu) reported that Nabidh was prepared from raisins for Allah's Messenger (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in the waterskin and he would drink it on that day and on the next day and the day following and when it was the evening of the third day, and he would drink it and give it to (his Companions) and if something was left over, he threw that away. 
Sahih Muslim Book 23 Hadith 4974


  1. Great recipe! gout is quite a common illness and requires lifetime medication. Gout sufferers should try nabeeth

    1. Excess uric acid can be cured via healthy diet, exercise and hijama. Yes as you said Nabeedh is good for Gout

  2. Salaam. After cooking in nabeez, does the fermentation stops and the end product still remain halaal after three days? J.K. I need to assess its feasibility for mince pie fillings and making healthier sweet rice.

    1. Wa alaikum asalaam. Yes fermentation stops. When cooking with soaked dates, its best to only soak them for 12 hours at room temperature. JazakAllahu khair.

  3. What other recipe can i mix with nabeez other than smooties?

    1. Nabeez should be drunk on its own. That is better. JazakAllahu khair

  4. Hey can people with high blood pressure take this drink?


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