Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Sunnah characteristics of performing Ghusl (Bath).

The following have been taken directly from aHadith recorded in Sahih Al Bukhari and constitute the Sunnah method of taking a Bath, therefore it is unquestionably the best possible method and brings down the greatest blessings of good health and Shifa from Allah Tala.

  • To start by washing the hands up to the wrists (twice or thrice).
  • Next, to perform Wudhu as if for the Prayer but delay washing the feet until the very end of the Ghusl.
  • To pour water 3 times (three handfuls) over the head.
  • To massage the roots of the hair to ensure they do not remain dry.
  • To wet the left hand and wash the private parts with it.
  • To then pour water (three times) over the rest of the body and wash it thoroughly, ensuring that no place remains dry (for example, behind the ears, inside the belly button).
  • To withdraw from the place where you have performed Ghusl and wash the feet separately at the end.
  • The Holy Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wassallam) was presented with a piece of cloth to use after the Ghusl but he did not take it, instead he used his hands to remove the traces of water from his body.
  • To rub scent (a perfume which does not contain alcohol) first over the right, then left side of the head, then the middle of the head with both hands.

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