Monday, 25 May 2009

Ear problems.

For ear-related problems, the books based upon the works of Ibn Al Qayyim (rahimullah) have prescribed the use of onions in nearly all cases. There are several varieties of onions, all of which are rich in hydrocarbons. As well as relieving ear problems, onions expel toxic odour from the body and cut phlegm, cleanse the stomach and increase sexual drive.

Water in which onions have been soaking can be used as ear drops to help in the treatment of loss of hearing sharpness, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), ear infections and it helps to drain any retained water in the ear.

Chop some fresh onions into quarters and allow them to soak in clean water for a minimum of two hours. The onions can then be used in cooking or discarded and the water retained for medicinal purposes, placing 3 drops into the affected ear.

It is important to note that an infected ear should be kept as dry as possible while healing takes place, as infections are usually started by increased moisture in the ear canal, or fluid trapped in the middle ear. Each ear should be carefully dried with a warm towel after washing. Nothing should ever be pushed into the ears (for cleaning or otherwise). If there is any pain, redness and soreness in the infected ear which also results in pain in the jaw, it is important to see your doctor as promptly as possible.

Mild infections usually clear up by themselves in 2-3 days. If there is pain and dizziness lasting more than 5 days, please see your doctor.

Pumpkin skin can also be used to help reduce swellings inside the ear. The skin of the pumpkin should be peeled off and then whizzed up in a food processor. The mixture can be strained through a muslin cloth so that only the pumpkin skin’s juice remains. This juice should then be mixed with rose water and applied like ear drops.

Ear swellings due to cold and flu symptoms can be relieved using a mixture of essential oil of coriander and very finely ground black seeds (black cumin seed). Three drops of the mixture should be placed into each ear.


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  2. Asalam alaikum Sister,
    JazakaAllah khair for your efforts may Allah make it successful and reward you in dunya and akhira.
    My children have been on and off ill since September 2016 when my eldest 4 year old started school. Her chesty phelmy cough and temperature passed to her two younger siblings. Then have all had a cough now nearly half a year. Then have had skin rashes and temperatures on and off and right now two of them had some type of infection as their necks hurt and it literally bent their necks to one side. We were prescribed antibiotics. They also had eye infection again antibiotics,at that time I quickly put black seed oil around the eye, alhamdulliah Allah hu alShaafi'. Now they have ear infection and temperatures again, they again have been prescribed antibiotics, please could you provide some references for the drops in the ear, especially with black seed oil and that it is safe to use in this case, we don't know the full extent of the side effects of antibiotics and paracetamol over an extended period of time...
    JazakaAllah khair

    1. Wa alaikum asalaam. May Allah give your children complete cure. Ameen. Try giving them two glasses of freshly made vegetable juice daily - cucumber, celery, carrot and beetroot. It will help to strengthen their immune systems to help them fight off the infection. Cut out all fizzy drinks and sugary snacks as these feed the infection and make it stronger. Add 1/4 teaspoon blackseed oil into their diets (given orally, once per day) for 10 days. Mix it in 1/2 teaspoon of raw organic honey if they don't like the taste. Then increase to 1/2 teaspoon blackseed oil (again, once per day) for another 10 days. 20 days in total. You can recite the Qur'aan on the blackseed oil. It will also help to give them full spectrum children's multivitamins daily. You can buy these from the large chemists or health food shops.

  3. Assalaam alikum.. i am muhamad shafi.
    I am 35 yrs of age,i am having problem in hearing from last few years but i never took it seriously.,last year when i went for checkup the doctor tested and said i have only 40% of my hearing remaining..i lost my 60% of my hearing..and he even said my ear nerves are very weak.can u please suggest me what can i do for my hearing power and weakness of my nerves.. jazak allah o khair.

    1. Wa alaikum asalaam. Please see the comment below regarding hijama on the neck near the affected ear.

  4. Plz suggest me my ear is ringing.i m really worried about it.plzzz help me what should i do??

    1. Hijama cupping on the neck near the ear which is affected. Avoid the front side of the neck, cupping should always be performed towards the back side of the neck


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